Store Owners: Paris Zsun / Rfb Morpork

Paris METRO Couture's Dream Team:
~ Pat Sheridan, Director of Operations/Security 
~ Titania Harbour, Event Planning and so much more.
~ Maggie Spires, Sr. Cultural Director
~ Shiloh Emmons. Art Administration
~ Quan Lavender, Paris METRO Art Gallery Curator
~ Walter Gedenspire & Bianca Xavorin, Art Consultants 
~ Snow Flower, Event Hosting
~ Amandamagick, Official Photographer
~ Dyana Serenity, Blogger 

Store Description: A unique expression of art and life in high couture, in Paris and a few other places. The brand Paris METRO Couture supports the arts with Paris METRO Art Gallery (voted peoples choice silver award in 2015) 

Or visit the store and there is a subscribo at the entrance, please touch and receive your gift too :)

Videos about Paris METRO Couture a clothing company and events virtual Brand.  
These are the about the Paris METRO Art Gallery, a gallery that is funded by Paris METRO Couture. There have been over 50 artist provided space to express their vision one month at a time. The following videos are a tiny sample of the extraordinary talent of virtual art. We have openings featuring them, with live performances in music and dance. This area is a joy and a blessing to be a part of.

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