👑 Store Owners: Jazrielle Lacombe
📲 Blogger Contact: Jazrielle Lacombe and/or Khloe Auroline
🔍 Store Description:  Women's fashion and accessories
💻 Blog:  www.jkstylesl.net

Now Accepting Bloggers!

Is there a time window for them to apply?  No, we will keep our blogger app open until we have the bloggers.

Who to contact with questions:  Jazrielle Lacombe or Khloe Auroline

Blogger App Location:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1p9gDzjhypAqtRtwvKItg3xWqKHTnd_g5rJGDWlnGPBc/edit

Requirements to join?
  1. good quality images,
  2.  ability to complete at least 2 - 4 blogs per month, 
  3.  active social media

Send Notecard with following info to:
 Complete the online application or send Jazrielle and/or Khloe a NC w/ your blog info.

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