We Love to Blog (WLTB) is a review group. Designers send blogger packs to the group for Bloggers to review and blog. Please read the following rules before applying. Rules are strictly enforced.

Being a Blogger can be very rewarding and fun but it can also be a lot of work and attention to detail, so you may be asking yourself "What is in it for me? Why would I want to be a WLTB Blogger?"

 There are several good reasons to become an WLTB Blogger:

You get a variety of items in different styles free to blog. 
This allows you to challenge yourself and grow as a blogger. 

2.You get an increase in visitors and hits on your blog. 
Designers talk, they share your blog posts on their website, blogs, and social media sites.

3.You get syndication on WLTB BlogWLTB Flickr and WLTB FB Group.
To be considered a reputable blogger you must be listed on several syndication sites, the more the merrier - we demand at least 4 Syndicated Feeds. The WLTB Blog is open to all WLTB Bloggers and Designers to post an image and link back to their blog for increased traffic and coverage.

You get a network of experienced bloggers and designers.
This is very useful when you need to seek help and advice when you run into a problem. Your fellow bloggers have a wealth of knowledge, be it where a good photo sim is, where to find an item you need to complete your look, how to deal with an angry designer or tips on how to become a better blogger over-all.

Of course, all of those perks are not free:
there is plenty of work, requirements and also rules you will have to follow if you decide to apply to join our team:

Blog Requirements:

1. Your blog must be at least 6 months old with at least 15 posts a month on it.

2. You must be syndicated on at least 4 feeds. (Don't know what feeds are , read this.)

3. You must have a Flickr Account.

4. You must credit EVERYTHING...not just what you are featuring.

5. Your photos must be of high quality and clear
    (be careful not to overexpose photos and change colours of items !)

6. Posting Date has to be seen clearly !

7. No Autoplay Music or Videosreaming !

8. You have Social Media Accounts and share your posts.

Blogger's Responsibilities:

Bloggers are expected to blog as many items as they can from the WLTB Designers.
At MINIMUM you MUST have 4 posts featuring WLTB designers per month - using
a different Designer in each post.

Your job in the group is to get the news out for our Designers. Try not to limit your
blogging to just a few favorite Designers in the group. They all need your attention and skills. 

2.Bloggers who do NOT meet the MINIMUM reviewing requirements for 2 months will be removed from group WITHOUT notice (No exception!).We understand that some Designer's items do not meet your style, but sometimes to stay active you will have to feature an item that you do not feel is to your taste. That is the challenge of blogging...it is not supposed to be easy all the time. It stretches your blogging abillity and skill to make something fit your style. "It is not my style" is not an acceptable excuse for not meeting your obligations! If nothing meets your style then you are in the wrong group!

3.Bloggers are expected to report their posts on the WLTB Blogger Reporting Form.Posting a notification in group is disabled. You can find the reporting form link on the navigation bar or in group description inworld.
This will streamline the process so that the WLTB Managers can check once a month all WLTB Blogger posts. Also Designers and Bloggers can check here their reported pots or if they haven been blogged.

Bloggers are asked to send an IM or Notecard notifying Designers personally about their items being blogged. Please read the Designer's profile on their preferred manner of being contacted. This is a very good habit to get into as it allows the Designer quicker knowledge of your hard work and allows them to thank you personally. It builds good-will and reputation for your blogging dedication too! This goes a long way in the Blogging world, as believe it or not, Designer's do talk to each other about their favorite bloggers.

Bloggers must place the WLTB logo on their blog with a link to our site. 
We are much like a salesroom in that we need as much advertisement as we can get too. The only difference is, instead of going to one location for items our viewers go to many locations. You will receive the logo in your WLTB welcome pack upon acceptance to the group.

Bloggers who request to have alts in the group will be expected to post twice as many posts as a blogger with one membership.Too often we have added alts to the group only to find out they are the friends of bloggers, who "help them out" and just are in group for the free stuff. Not everyone does this...but enough have to warrant this rule to deter such behavior. Your alt will be listed in our internal lists and we check this regularly.

Bloggers who belong to a group ran blog will need to provide a link to their posts only on the blog. This can be done with labelling on Blogger or through the author page on Wordpress. With over 100 bloggers in the group, it is a hardship on the Management team to fish for your posts. This will make it quick and easy when needing to find your posts in a group blog. If we have questions on your activity.

Note to Male Bloggers...
We have a limited number of designers who do male clothing. You are still expected to meet quota. To achieve this you may have to work a bit harder than female bloggers. For this we apologize, we are working to recruit more male clothing designers.
To meet quota it is recommended you place the WLTB Furniture Designer's items in your post or visit the male Clothing WLTB Designer's Stores and request items to blog. They do appreciate your interest.
You can also ask a girl blogger in the group to collaborate on a post for your blog using WLTB Designer Items. If you both take different photos and write it up differently on each of your blogs it will count for both of your quotas! 

Okay, You like what you read. You agree with what  you read. 
Now you can apply to join our family...click here for application.

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